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Bomb Games are free explosion and defuse games involving bombs and other explosives. Play one of the disarming games and deactivate as many bombs as possible till the time runs out. Hide in the shelter and start dropping giant bombs on your opponent's base. You can play online bomb games with your best friend in the 2 player mode or against the computer. Fight in the nuclear war and use atom weapons to survive.

Learn how to use different kinds of bombs which release energy that causes destruction. Blow up everything on your way in our cool bomb games and score as many points as possible. Play with dirty bombs, nuclear bombs and air-dropped bombs for free and find an exit in every level. Throw these dangerous weapons to the ground from the air or use a hand grenade in the best bomb games online. All you have to do is to release bombs to blow and try to survive as long as possible.

In our free bommb games, you will also have to defeat all the opponents. Become a sapper and try your luck in the field full of mines. Just choose one of our online bomb games and start your adventure right now. Use a catapult to throw explosives right to the enemies' base or use them to protect your own and become a real bomberman.

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