Wrecking Ball Games

What are Wrecking Ball Games?

Wrecking Ball Games are a collection of five funny games that are all about destruction. If you think of a wrecking ball, the first thing that comes to mind is demolishing huge buildings with a heavy metal ball. The second thing is probably Miley Cyrus sitting on a wrecking ball lamenting her lost love. Both of these associations are taken care of in this category so if you're into either of the two, look no further and have fun playing these online games for free on Silvergames.com.

If you are looking for some anger management game, try Drive to Wreck, a fun driving destruction game in which you drive a tractor with a wrecking ball to destroy everything on your way. Or how about Rubble Trouble Tokyo, a cool building basher game with a simple mission: Demolish all out-of-repair buildings in Tokyo to piles of rubble by placing dynamite and making use of a variety of tools to reduce the buildings to rubble. Everything you ever wanted to demolish is available here for you to break down.

Demolishing buildings is not what you are looking for? Don't you worry, play Kick Out Miley instead and help the annoyed housebreaker to kick the infamous singer from the stage in order to blast her out of the concert. See how far you can toss her using tons of upgrades and bonuses in this hilariously funny sequel to the Kick Out distance game series. Try one of the fun Wrecking Ball Games or play all of them and have a good time on Silvergames.com!

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