Tap Games

Tap Games are fun clicking games and you just need a soft touch of your finger tip, to make a difference! The water drinkers here at Silvergames.com have finger-picked a long list of games for you to play with a simple gesture. Enjoy some time away from the overwhelming control schemes of modern games, and just enjoy the simple things in life.

Tap games or tapping games are based on a very basic usability interface: simply touch or click parts of the screen once to play. This makes these games very easily portable onto mobile devices. Some of those touch-based games require quick reflexes, asking you to time the moment you touch the screen just right to avoid failure. Others are more interested in long-term investment. That means your simple input is needed over an extended period of time during which you accrue various benefits and the ability to supplement your taps, with automatically generated ones.

Whether it's fast or slow, reactive or methodical, despite its simple way to interact with the game there is a lot of variance in the games you will find here. So get ready for some furious finger pointing in these tap games like GrindCraft, Piano Tiles, Poke Clicker and many more. Enjoy the furious flurry of touch and have fun with our great collection of Tap Games, online and for free on Silvergames.com!

Tap Games



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