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What are Drawing Games?

Drawing games are art and puzzle games for kids and adults. If you've ever found yourself doodling a stickman in class, you will enjoy our selection of free online drawing games here at Silvergames.com. Start to doodle like google and create something clever to win the game. Grab a pen or pencil and start putting lines to paper to keep your friends guessing what it will end up as. Drawing lets you try your hand at being a visual artist for boys and girls. In our fun new online sketching games you can improve your art skills by drawing different objects with your mouse and guessing what other players have just drawn.

Start with Skribbl.io, the newest multiplayer drawing game on the internet where players have to guess words drawn by another player. It is inspired by the original drawing game Pictionary. Join a lobby full of players from all over the world and try to draw the chosen words as good as possible so the other players can guess it. Or how about Sand Drawing Simulator, a fun drawing game that will take you to a beautiful beach where you could write and draw all kinds of stuff with your finger. This game will allow you to perform some beautiful artistic drawings on sand, just like when you go out to the beach.

You can also start drawing objects into your immediate environment, as a way to solve the puzzle of each level. It can be as simple as a small stickman or as elaborate as huge expansive landscape. Play our fun online drawing games for girls and boys, if you enjoy colors and the way that simple lines add up to create a beautiful picture. Playing our best free google drawing games for kids may even lead you to discover that there was an artist inside you all along. Have fun!

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