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What are Beer Games?

Beer Games are fun drinking and cocktail mixing games that you can enjoy and still stay sober, online and for free here on Did you know that beer is the most popular drink worldwide after water and tea? So no wonder there is a whole category named after this yellow magic drink. No matter if it is made out of barley, wheat, maize, rice or corn, beer is being consumed in almost every country on this planet, so why not have some gaming fun with it?

Have you ever been on the other side of the bar? With Bartender 2, your dreams of being an expert on cocktails will come true. Choose the perfect amount of the perfect ingredients, add some fruit slices, a little bit of ice, shake it all, serve, and see how good your cocktail is! Or play Beer Pong, a super funny and irresponsible drinking game that you can now play very safely and soberly online. To play the cult drinking game you must flip the ping-pong ball across the long table into a beer cup. Fail and take a shot of alcohol. How long will it take before you have had enough?

Another fun cartoonish beer pong simulation game is Cup Pong Challenge, where you also have to throw ping pong balls into your opponents cups to make them drink. This free online game offers you a good idea to cheer up a party: make everyone else drink until they are drunk enough to not care about losing. These fun beer games are all completely alcohol-free and you can enjoy them online and for free on! Have fun!

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