Thepodge Games

Thepodge Games are awesome destruction and platformer games for you to enjoy online and for free on In this fun category you can play several episodes of the fun Siege and Inferno series. Do you just love shooting around and destroying huge buldings and complex constructions? Then this category and the popular Siege series is definitely the right one for you. Just browse through our fun collection and have fun!

Have you always wanted to be a firefighter and extinguish one fire after the other, while saving plenty of people's lifes? In our great Inferno series you can find out whether you have what it takes to be a firefighter. Find the place where it burns, get there in time and put out the fire with your water cannon. Collect coins and improve your tools and equipment as your tasks get more difficult with each level.

In the Siege series you only have a certain amount of bullets for each stage so think well before firing them. You always need to destroy the whole building and kill everybody in there as long as they belong to the evil crew. It's quite tricky to keep the innocent ones safe while the whole building is breaking down. It's all about aiming and shooting in this cool category, so have fun with the best Thepodge Games!

Thepodge Games


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