Bullet Force

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Bullet Force

Bullet Force is a free online multiplayer shooting game with realistic 3D graphics. If you've always wanted to try out crazy first person shooters, you couldn't have picked a better starting point than Bullet Force. It's a free game that is as accessible to new players as it offers fun challenges to experienced pros in the hobby. Loaded with a large number of indoor and outdoor maps, you get to experiment with different weapons, movements and enemy attack patterns. Find the best approach to winning each round by shooting down everyone you can.

Bullet Force comes with a campaign mode for single players, that will let you collect experience and train your aim and reaction times. Explore the games carefully and don't let the tension of warfare get to you. Sneak up to your opponents and deal the killing shot before they know you're onto them. Complete your mission, gather XP and become the most fearsome soldier of all time.

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