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Hero Games are free fighting and adventure games where players play the role of a hero and have to accomplish various missions. Swing on a rope and try to save a lego city. Play guitar hero with your best friend and become a rock star in the online hero games for kids on Silvergames.com. You can also create a legendary robot hero in the factory using wood, paper or metal.

Use your superhuman abilities and kill all the villains in our free hero games online. Play as Iron Man, Captain America or Batman and try to survive in every level. Blow things up, shoot opponents and overcome obstacles. In our hero games, you can learn powerful attacks and destroy everything on your way to victory. Play the best 3D games and protect, defend or rescue the helpless and innocent.

Get ready to become a man of the hour the world needs in our free hero games. It's the time to spring into action and fight for justice. Villains are on the loose and threatening to take over the world and only a real hero can stop them. Defend a lego city and fly across the sky avoiding bullets and arrows coming your way.

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