Clash of Vikings

Rating: 4.4

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Clash of Vikings

Clash of Vikings is a fun-addicting tower defense strategy game inspired by Clash Royal. Each side starts with 1 big cannon and 2 defense towers, the first one to destroy the opponent’s cannon or both towers wins the battle. Send your royal troops to fight and try to think of the best strategy to win battle after battle.

You can also launch huge fireballs or arrows directly to your enemy’s towers, but keep in mind you will have to wait a bit after every move you make, so place your attacking soldiers wisely. Only in the last 60 seconds of the match your attacking elements will load much faster and you can prepare for the final battle. Be brave as a viking and have fun playin Clash of Vikings online and for free on!

Controls: Mouse


Clash Of Vikings: MenuClash Of Vikings: Tower Defense GameplayClash Of Vikings: Vikings Tower Defense

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