Impossible Games

What are Impossible Games?

Impossible Games are countless opportunities for you to get unreasonably frustrated. Failure is often attributed to skill or luck. With these Impossible Games you will get to discover a new reason to fail: because sometimes life is incredibly unfair. The fatalists here at have handpicked the very best games for you to get very frustrated over. If you're looking for a way to really get your blood pressure up, this might be the most affordable yet. All these games are free, after all.

It's admittedly a little bit of hyperbole to calls these games impossible, but they are quite challenging. In many cases almost unfairly, so. Much of their appeal lies in their ability to confound and frustrate their players. Some tasks require almost superhuman reflexes, absurdly specific trivia knowledge or just plain memorization of the right patterns. There's a certain amount of trolling schadenfreude embedded in those games. That's why passing these games on to friends, or recommending them over social media is almost as much fun as playing them yourself.

Whether you want to face these impossible games with inner harmony, or are ready to flip out at the drop of the hat, much of your playing time will be spent with squinting eyes and gritted teeth. If not, they would be called easily solved games, after all. Don't forget you can play all Impossible Games online and for free on Much fun!

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