Stupid Games

What are Stupid Games?

Stupid Games are games that are crazy, absurd, silly, dumb, weird and sometimes even disgusting. Yeah, that is what the world's most stupid games like. It can be a funny graphics and characters that make it so stupid or the concept of the game itself. Play stupid games and win stupid prizes! Or just imagine a free game where you can make famous politicians dance in a ridiculous way. Or help your character not to shit his pants. Yes, it is crazy but also extremely funny.

We have a great collection of the funniest stupid games for you to play as well as other dumb online games including Stupidella, Pirates of the Stupid Seas, Trollface Quest and many more. There are weird online games of all genres, quests like famous Dumb Ways To Die, clicker, puzzles and even some stupidity tests. Choose whichever stupid game you like or try them all!

Most Played Stupid Games