Inkagames are awesome point and click horror adventures as well as puzzle games in which the player has to escape from a maze where a villain has put them in. Inside the maze, there are various tools that can help you to solve problems and reach the exit. Besides villains, there are also helpers that give something to the player or tag-along in the adventure.

One of the most popular series is with the evil Pigsaw, who keeps members of the Simpsons family captive. Do you think you can free them? Search the area carefully to gain items and hints. Interact with objects and solve all puzzles and you will succeed and escape from your evil rival. But not only the Simpson family has to deal with the evil Pigsaw, here you'll find other famous characters.

You'll also meet Barack Obama, Justin Bieber and Lindsay Lohan in our collection of the best Inkagames. You can walk around by clicking on any part of the floor. Interact with the people or objects around you by clicking on them and choosing an option. There are more fun Inkagames like Homer Simpson Saw Game, Adventure Time Saw Game and many more. Much fun!

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