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Island Games are exciting adventures from different game genres, in which you find yourself alone on a desert island. An island is a land mass that lies in a sea or inland body of water and rises above the water level even at high tide. There are 47 island nations, which is about a quarter of all the UN-recognized sovereign nations in the world. An island is associated with seclusion and solitude, but also independence, since it is completely cut off from the mainland.

A distinction is made between oceanic islands, which are mostly volcanic islands or atolls, and continental islands, which rest on the shelf and are usually located near a large continental landmass. Probably everyone has dreamed of emigrating to a desert island to live a life completely according to their own wishes. Wouldn't it be great to build the environment entirely according to your own ideas?

Here in our great collection of the best island games, there are no limits to your creativity. Grow your dream island to its maximum size, survive alone on an extinct island without any help, fly a plane over gorgeous island groups or fight your way through hordes of attackers to conquer one island after another in one of our merciless IO multiplayer games. Have fun with the best Island Games on! 

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