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Slashing Games are fun cutting, action and fighting games in which you'll get the chance to use a cool sword and slash anything you want. Besides that, you can play them online and for free on If you want to let loose and just slash everything and everyone around you, then this category is definitely for you.

Slice countless fruits, fight like a real samurai or slash funny looking memes - just have fun with our collection of the best slash games. Everyone has sliced an apple or an onion on a cutting board, but have you ever tried it in the air? Only a really good swordsman has the precision and punch to slice an apple in mid-air. Or do you think you can do the same?

If apples are too pragmatic for you, then go straight to the battlefield and slash one enemy after another. Improve your sword skills, upgrade your weapon with the help of collected money and make a name for yourself as the best swordsman in the virtual world. Here are many slashing games like ASMR, Run Ninja Run, Dragon Age Legends and many more. Have fun with our razor-sharp category of the best slashing games, as always online and free on!

Slash Games

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