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What are King Games?

King Games are fun games where you can build a kingdom or play as a king. Play as King Kong and fight against dinosaurs and other monsters in our free king fighting games. Play some cool jewels matching games inspired by King Saga and other popular king com apps. Live the relaxing life of a lion king or play card-based games full of action like Dinosaur King. Here on you can play the best free king games you can find online! 

Our online king games let you put on this royal ornament and prance around doing things that only monarchs are allowed to do. The aristocracy here at has collected some of the best games out there, that let you live the life of a queen or king.

Kings are male monarchs and regents, that used to be the heads of state or clans in the not too distant past. Most king games are about growing your country, helping your people or going on adventurous quest. Sometimes, it's only just an excuse for your character to wear a crown. So if you feel that there is a higher calling you must follow, our king games might help you get there. Play around with the escapism of living in a monarchy with you at the helm. Command huge armies, complete royale quests and become the most powerful king while you play cool games here on!

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