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What are King Kong Games?

King Kong Games are games about the most famous fictional ape of all time. Let King Kong climb up the Empire State building and fight off all attacking airplanes with a paw swipe. Play as a giant animal in King Kong vs Godzilla games and try to survive as long as possible. Play the best free King Kong games here on and go on a rampage through the city for love, for money, for food or just for fun!

King Kong is a seminal film made in 1933. It tells the story of an expidition into the dangerous Skull Island where a giant ape is worshipped by the natives. After a lengthy attempt at capturing him, he is brought back to New York. There he is displayed for people's amusement, before he breaks out and goes on a rampage. 

An image so striking because it is about primitivism fighting modernity. But when it comes to games, King Kong is mostly remembered as Donkey Kong. The damsel-grabbing ape on top of a construction site, who throws barrels at Mario. King Kong also served as an inspiration for one of the characters in arcade classic Rampage. In that fighting game you run through a city destroying skyscrapers and vehicles, while keeping your health up by eating either people or their food.

So get ready to shake things up and throw things down in our online King Kong games. Free to play, without download or registration, these games will let you run wild in the busy streets of some metropolis and leave nothing but destruction in your wake. Have fun with the best King Kong games here on!

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