Zoo Games

What are Zoo Games?

Zoo Games are animals simulation games featuring wild and farm animals and pets. Play our free zoo games and manage your own zoo or become a vet. Start building your wildlife park crafting blocks in the minecraft environment or organize a dolphin show for families and kids in the best zoo games online.

Take care of all the animals, such as dinosaurs and buy the necessary ingredients for the food, making visitors happy and keeping your animals healthy. Create your own zoological garden with wild animals like bears, lions, monkeys, dolphins or penguins. Our free zoo games let you experience what it takes to build up your own wildlife park. There are lots of things to be done from feeding animals and taking care of sick creatures to organizational tasks and making all the visitors happy. It's important to know what type of food each species consumes and what needs each animal has. 

Online zoo games serve as educational lessons for kids to develop a better relationship to land and water animals and get to know their behaviors and needs. They will learn about rare species from other continents and increase their knowledge. In zoo building games, players need to think about organizing and managing a business.

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