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What are LittleGiantWorld Games?

LittleGiantWorld Games are addicting time-management, combat, business, idle clicker and strategy games for you to play online and for free on LittleGiantWorld is an indie game studio, which specializes in creating high quality simulation pixelart HTML5 and mobile games targeting all genres and ages. Here we have collected the best ones for you to play on, so just browse through and choose your favorite one.

How about you start with Shop Empire, an addictive hypermarket management game. Build shopping malls in Paris, New York or London and become the greatest retail tycoon. Start by building a book store, restrooms, or a drug store. Watch people come to your shopping empire and make you rich. Employ workers so everything is taken care of. There are three episodes online for you to choose from.

Another cool one is Monster Corp, a funny strategy game. Your mission is to build and manage a monster themepark. Find new monsters around the world, trade DNA to create new weird monsters and reach the monthly goals to stay in business. There are more cool LittleGiantWorld Games like Monster Arena, Halfling Tycoon, Happy Tower and many more. Much fun!

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