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What are Mafia Games?

Mafia Games are online crime games involving gangsters and organized crime groups. Become a professional sniper and kill all the opponents with only one shoot in the best online games featuring mafia. Play a role of the cartel boss, create a girl mafia and develope a perfect strategy to win a lot of money in our free 3D mafia games. 

Control mobsters and gangsters and commit a wide range of violent crimes and felonies in a virtual world. Our cool online mafia games may refer to mafia-themed films and TV series like The Godfather and Good Fellas. It's the confidence and independence of these character types that make them so appealing to play. Mafia characters seem to be able to do whatever they please, whenever they please to whomever they please. 

It's time to sleep on the mattresses, remember Al Capone and the Corleones, make sure that your enemies sleep with the fish and don't wake up next to a horse's head. Just pick one of our cool and dangerous mafia games for free and let the underworld tremble before the might of a new don.

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