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Small Games are short novelty games about one fun idea and miniature protagonists. Here at we have collected the best fun online small games for girls and boys. Race miniature cars over desktops or kitchen floors. Let your tiny, cool character skateboard through the streets of a small town or play a game of soccer. The graphics are often cute and cheeky, but our free cool new small games for kids are still quite challenging. Make your way to the top of the scoreboard and you can quite proudly call yourself a giant among other, less tall members of the gaming populace.

Play an addicting free game of soccer with tiny cars and show the world you are one of the cool kids. Have fun with exciting miniature versions of familiar game characters doing crazy new things in challenging new games. Lead the charge in a miniature game of trench warfare and turn the tides of war in your favor. Don't miss out on these clever, innovative and most of all fun small online games for players of all ages.

Play The Visitor, an interactive horror adventure game, in which you guide an alien parasite through its new earthly surroundings. Or how about Tiny Rifles, a strategic war game, in which you are the army commander and the enemy is in front of you. You have to create troops with different guns and erase all enemies. There are more fun Small Games like Ducklife, Minigolf World, Car Eats Car and many more. Much fun!

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