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What are Pitching Games?

Pitching Games are fun (mini)golf, baseball and overall sports games that are all about performing the perfect pitch in order to get the ball to where it belongs. Play as the batter of a professional mlb baseball team and try to hit homerun after homerun, or hold your golf club firmly and try to pitch the small white ball into the hole. No matter on what kind of sports field you are standing, it is your task to perform the perfect pitch and make the ball do whatever you want it to. Browse through our great compilation of Pitching Games and play them online and for free on Silvergames.com.

Start with Home Run Derby, a cool baseball game. In this sports game you are the batter, but hitting the ball will not be enough for you. Watch the pitcher closely and follow the ball coming towards you to hit it at the exact right moment. Try to make the ball land in the field so your players can run the bases and perform the best runs and touch the home plate. How about a round of Cricket FRVR, a fun sports game to play as a batter and hit the ball as far as possible. Cricket is a bat and ball game that involves a pitcher, who will try to knock down all the wickets behind the batter. That’s why it’s so important for you to hit the ball in order to lead your team to the victory.

If you are more into golf, then try Turbo Golf, an awesome fast-paced golfing game. Compete against other golfers on various challenging matches. Collect coins to upgrade your clubs and use powerups to beat your opponents. Alternatively you can play Battle Golf, Superstar Golf, Glorious Golfer, Miniputt 3 or Minigolf World. All of those are fun golfing games that let you pitch the ball and become the master of pitching. Select your favorite Pitching Game or just play all of them, online and for free on Silvergames.com.

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