What are MoFunZone?

MoFunZone is a website with plenty of funny games and we collected the best ones for you to play online and for free on Here you can play the coolest MoFunZone Games as well as other addicting online games including Walkinator, Damn Birds 2, Days of Monsters and many more. You can play all MoFunZone games for free and without registration. 

Start with the most popular one called Damn Birds - a funny shooting game. You stood here for years and watched birds pooping on you until one day your patience came to its end and you decided to take revenge on these feathered demons. Thank God you are a statue with a gun! There are two episodes online for this fun series so just choose your favorite one and have endless hours on fun.

Another fun one is Days of Monsters, a cool action game about hybrid monsters whose sole purpose is to destroy the humanity. Attack cities with your monsters and destroy all buildings. These are not the days of man, these are the days of monster! Are you ready to lean back and just have a good time yet? Find out now and have fun with our online games by!

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