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What are Mouse Games?

Anyone can have a dog or a cat as a pet, that's tired, boring and cliche. The modern animal lover prefers the company of a mouse. Small, fast and resourceful. These qualities not only make for a great companion, they are also traits that will come incredibly handy in these Mouse Games here at We've collected the most engaging and entertaining games featuring mice in the world, and they are all waiting here for you to be played!

A mouse is a rodent, typically featuring a long tail and pointed snout. Mice are related to rats, but generally considered cleaner and friendlier. Because of they're cute appearance many children stories and animated movies feature them as protagonists. Mickey Mouse, Jerry of Tom & Jerry fame, Stuart Little and Danger Mouse are all rodent characters that have been featured as main characters in their respective stories. An abiding love for cheese is often attributed to these characters, as well as the many clever and ingenious ways they attempt to obtain it.

So if you're in the mood for a big adventure in a small body, or are eager to puzzle your way out of a sticky situation with some feline predators hot on your tail, pick one of those awesome, free mouse games and play away!

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