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What are Rat Games?

Rat Games are animal simulation games featuring mice and rats. Everybody loves a cute little mouse, but there's no love for big fat lab rats out there. That's why the rodent lovers of Silvergames.com have put together this great collection of free lab rat games. Play online games with the bigger, less popular versions of mice, who have been unjustly blamed for the plague.

Rats are rodents with a long tail and tend to live near or around humans. They are as small as mice or big fat rats that live in the sewers. In many cultures rats are synonymous for a lack of loyalty, of low moral standards and highly selfish behaviour. It is a common insult among many groups, especially those with a criminal bent, ironically enough. Lab rats are also often used in scientific experiments, where their behaviour and instincts are studied when exposed to specific stimuli or circumstances. 

But if you just enjoy those four legged pets with a fondness for cheese, give our free online lab rat games a try. They are after all free, and can be played without downloads or registration. 

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