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Pin Pull Games are fun, physics-based puzzle games where you have to trigger a reaction by moving a pin. It sounds like a simple task, but wait until you play one of these fun games and understand the immense impact that a single pin can have on its surroundings. In these cool puzzle games you can solve tricky situations with the removal of a pin, but think carefully before you act.

Make the water flow, help a lover find the way to his beloved sweetheart, save a poor fish's life by supplying it with water or try to transport as many colorful balls as possible into a bucket. All these selfless actions can be performed by the simple task of dragging the right peg to the right place at the right time. Click with your mouse on the respective pencil and solve the trickiest tasks with a single action.

Browse through our great collection of the best pin pull games and pick your favorite. The fun physics-based puzzle games cover all sorts of topics, from love stories to underwater adventures. So what are you waiting for? Are you ready? Choose one of our fantastic pin pull games and have fun playing, as always online and for free on!

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