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Rescue Games are free adventure and quest games where players have to save their character and guide it through a series of challenging levels. Save dogs, puppies and other cute animals from fire. Use your helicopter to help the survivors left in the city after the zombie apocalypse. In our online rescue games on, you can also create a team of the hostages and escape the prison. Build bots to get your stickman out of trouble and become a chef of a secret rescue operation.

Play free rescue games online and solve all the puzzles to free your best friend from a villain. Rescue a beautiful princess from the hands of a huge monster. It's your daily mission to save people from all kinds of danger. Solve puzzles and overcome all the obstacles to clear the way to the exit as you make the people run to your rescue vehicle.

Aim precisely and shoot down all the bad guys to save the hostages level after level. Play our online rescue games for free against the computer or challenge your best friend. Chase the criminals and interact with persons or objects in order to complete all the challenging rescue missions on every level. 

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