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What are Piranha Games?

Piranha Games are bloodthirsty action games in which you'll make the oceans unsafe. Piranhas are predatory fish that are mainly found in the tropical freshwaters of South America. They are schooling fish with very sharp teeth that are mostly high-backed and strongly flattened on the sides. They are usually 15 to 40 inches long and often have a relatively long dorsal fin.

Swim through the virtual seas with your hungry fish and find your next meal. Thanks to your sharp teeth and predatory streak, most fish will be at your feet, which means you just have to attack and eat them. Chase them through the water and be the fastest fish of all. What are you waiting for?

Here in our collection of the best piranha games you'll also find fun destruction games where you have to cause as much chaos and destruction as possible with your piranha. The piranha is not a feared species for nothing, so live up to its name and cause total chaos. Enjoy our compilation of the best Piranha games, always online and free on Silvergames.com!

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