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Room Games are fun hotel management, escape, torture and adventure games that are always taking place in some kind of room. Sometimes you will urgently want to get out of a room, other times you'll want to get as many people as possible to stay in your hotel room to make a fortune of it and very rarely you are in a room to torture and experiment with a poor little ragdoll.

A room is a space enclosed by walls, floor and ceiling that is part of an apartment or building. Usually it also has a window, but that is often not needed in the virtual world. What's the point of escaping from a room from which you have a nice view out of the window? In our room games you will be locked in the darkest dungeons, so the urge to escape will spur you on to do your best.

Just search through our great collection of Room Games and choose one that suits you best to have hours of fun. Everything that happens virtually in a room can be found in this fun category, so choose your favourite Room Game and have fun, online and for free on!

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