House Games

House games are building and exploration games about making, placing or destroying a dream home. Pick one of our free online house games here at to design a cute doll house or a Barbie mansion. Making a new house from scratch, that is fit for an entire family to live in, is no simple feat. Start with a solid foundation, build on it and then end with a light touch of decorating in our awesome and addicting house games. In our best fun games about construction you get to turn the background into the center of attention.

House games are easy to play and exciting for the whole family. Start with decorating a fancy doll house for Barbie to play in. Design brand new construction ideas and create them in virtual space. Or simply explore the darker corners of a haunted house and avoid ghosts and monsters trying to destroy you. Our top fun house games will help you make your online dreams come true. Turn your vision of a place to live into a digital building to explore for free.

Most Played House Games