Shit Games

What are Shit Games?

Shit Games are definitely one of a kind and require a player that is not easily disgusted! Is there anything more funny and weird than playing online games with poop? In this especially weird and slightly nasty category you can throw poop, shoot poop, click on poop, hold on to your poop and much more. Doesn't that sound just beautiful? Browse through our delicious collection of the best Shit Games and enjoy them online and for free on!

Try one of the episodes of an ultimate classic, which is called Poop Clicker, just another silly clicking game. Move your mouse over the little brown pile and get as many hits as you can. You can buy useful upgrades after getting the certain amount of clicks. Upgrades will help you to collect clicks faster and faster. Level up and make the turd look good in Poop Clicker. There are three episodes of this fun clicking game, so just choose your favorite one.

Another really fun one is Doodieman Voodoo 2, a hilarious revenge game perfect to release some anger, in which you can perform different types of poop attacks to your worst enemy. After the huge success of Doodieman Voodoo and Doodieman Bazooka, a new version is finally available to enjoy online. There are more Shit Games like Don't Shit Your Pants, The Rainbow Poop, Shitstorm and many more. What are you waiting for? Have fun with the best Shit Games, here on!

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