Toilet Games

What are Toilet Games?

Toilet Games are funny online games related to a WC or any of the activies performed in there. Start cleaning the toilet in your house and get rid of the spiders before using it. Help a troll from the famous meme to do his business with success. Our best toilet games for free on are so easy and funny that even a baby can play them. 

Enjoy the WC humour in our free toilet games online and complete your poop mission before it's too late. Become a potty racer and fly as far as you can collecting money on your way. Solve puzzles and find a way to help your character not to shit his pants. Keep clicking on the brown poop to earn money and buy new toilets, poopers and other upgrades.

Play free toilet games online and use a WC as a vehicle on the ground or in teh sky. Interact with different objects and look for the hints to guide a fat guy successfull to his toilet. Complete an obstacle course and try to hold it in until you reach the finish line. Guide a funny looking pile of crap through a series of challenging levels and have fun.

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