Shocking Games

What are Shocking Games?

Shocking Games are scary online games for which you need nerves of steel. Like finding your first grey hair or discovering that your parents were young and stupid once, some things are more than just a little surprising. They are downright distressing. These Shocking Games will help you return to this sense of existential vertigo as your friendly nurses here at help you get back on your feet.

A shock is something unnerving and unsettling. It is a sudden blast that momentarily stops everything in its tracks, leaving you disoriented and sometimes a little scared. Like a very hard sneeze might do. These shocking games are all about springing these kinds of surprises on you. Whether it is through jump scares meant to frighten you; or through unexpected outbursts of violence. A short moment of confusion following a shot of adrenaline isn't out of the ordinary here. It is after all, what makes shocks so much fun for people, after all.

So, get comfortable and let your guard down. With these free online games, you get to play in anticipation of the next hit of the outrageous. But as you scramble to climb back into your seat, rest easy knowing that these games require neither downloads nor registration to play. Have fun with our surprising category of the best Shocking Games, as always on!

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