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What are Skeleton Games?

Skeleton Games are fun destruction, tower defense, first person shooter and puzzle games that all share one thing: they will shake you down to the bone. You should not be afraid or disgusted by the human sceleton if you want to succeed in this scary category. Send a skeleton down a staircase and watch it break every single bone or play an experimental game to find out how the skeleton is moving when you drag it forward one by one. Who needs fat, muscles and skin if you can simply just play with a naked skeleton? Browse through our great collection of Skeleton Games and play them online and for free on

Start with the absolute classic Skeleton Game and play Skeleton Simulator, which is not only a simple funny game. It's an experiment in forward and inverse kinematics. Drag control points and limbs to manipulate the skeleton. Push WALK and see the result. You can edit the walk designer by experimenting with the parameters and watch the changed walk afterwards. If you like a bit more horror, then try Dragon Slayer FPS, a fascinating first person shooter. It’s time for you to know the real meaning of action, as you use all kinds of weapons, from grenades and flamethrowers to chainsaws and crossbows, in order to kill skeleton warriors and dragons on a creepy territory.

Or how about Bury My Bones? This one is a funny physics-based puzzle game in which you need to pop balloons and destroy wooden balks to get the skeleton into the grave to bury his bones. Sounds too easy for you? Wait until there are plenty of balloons and many wooden platform in your way to the grave. Think before you destroy anything otherwise you will have to start all over again. You can also play Turbo Dismount, Monster Simulator, Monster Castle or Masked Forced Ancient Serpents if you browse through or awesome compilation of Skeleton Games, have fun!

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