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What are FPS Games?

FPS games are shooting games in which you see the game world through the eyes of your character. Here at Silvergames.com you will find free online FPS games with zombies and other monsters. The best new shooting games are about survival in a horror or war setting. Shoot enemies with your sniper gun in exciting and addicting FPS games. Join the free multiplayer rooms of FPS games set during WW2. Shoot guns at enemies from all over the world and win matches in multiplayer battles. Sometimes you are on your own and have to shoot your way to victory in a world full of zombies.

FPS is short for first person shooter. Some of the most successful online multiplayer games belong to this genre. Games like Wolfenstein, Doom and Counter-Strike have soldiers shooting each other in teams. Part of the challenge of these free online games is surviving a world full of threats and dangers. Zombies, monsters and enemy soldiers are trying to kill you as part of these exciting horror shooter games. Explore the battle area as your character and see the game world from their perspective. Play as a WW2 sniper in a war zone firing their gun at the enemy. 

Your survival in the exciting online world of FPS games depends on how fast you can pull the trigger. Think quickly and tactically to take the winning shot and claim victory for your side. Here at Silvergames.com you will find only the best free FPS games with awesome online multiplayer features.

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