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What are Storm Games?

Storm Games are mind-blowing game adventures in which the wind will help you advance in the level. A storm is a strong wind event that has a wind force of at least 20.8 m/s, or 9 Beaufort. As soon as a wind exceeds 23.7 m/s, or 12 Beaufort, it is called a hurricane. In between, winds of 10 Beaufort are called severe and above 11 Beaufort a hurricane-like storm. When the wind occurs only for a short time, it is called a squall.

When a storm arrives, it always means lots of movement and blowing objects. When a decent storm sweeps across a city, it can tear down houses and send cars spinning in the air. So how about being a storm yourself and blowing through a big city while trying to cause as much destruction as possible? 

Browse through our compilation of the best storm games and pick your new favorite. Whether it's a light gust, a strong wind or a full-blown hurricane, it's all about a fresh breeze here. As always, play the funniest Storm games online and for free on Have fun with them!

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