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Soldier Games are shooting and war games about members of the army. In our free online collection of the best fun soldier games in the world, here on, you will learn to lead your squad of toy soldiers to victory. Protect peaceful places like the world of Minecraft and Lego city with the help of the soldiers you command. As a player you can secure the perimeter, keep the enemy forces at a distance and blast your way through their barricades in our top new soldier games for free.

Equip yourself with pistols, guns and rifles and go join the battlefield in the most explosive and exciting online shooting games. In our addicting soldier games you will learn how to use all possible kinds of weapons, develop a succesful strategy to win wars and much more. You can also just start play by shooting at enemy squads, and order your toy soldiers to defend your base.

Take cover behind walls and buildings, take aim with your guns and keep pulling the trigger until all your enemies are defeated. Control a tank, a warship or a fighter aircraft playing as an extraordinary army grunt in our free fun soldier games. Be an armed part of this armed forces group as a general or within the squad. Have fun with our fun collection of the best soldier games, always online and free on! 

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