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Super Games is a category in which you will find extra-ordinary and extreme racing, fighting, Multiplayer IO and Arcade games that are simply better than all the rest. The word super means above, beyond or over and this is exactly the kind of games you can find in this awesome category. Race through a futuristic 3D environment, shoot and kick the crap out of your enemies or fight with your super war robot until there is no one left but yourself.

No matter what game genre you prefer, if you love action and great graphics, then this category is definitely for you. Are you someone who doesn't like to settle for the average, but only wants to play the very best games? Drive the coolest carts, become the best sniper or fight your way to the top of the leaderboard in one of our online multiplayer super IO games.

Whether super fast, super fun, super cool or super brutal, here you are guaranteed to find the best online games the virtual world has to offer. So what are you waiting for? Browse through this great collection and play any of our super games online for free on Have fun with it!

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