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What are Bullet Games?

Bullet Games are great shooting, tank war, sniper and gun games that are highly explosive and rather violent. If you love shooting around and are not afraid of close combat then this category is definitely the right one for you. It's about bullets fired from rifles, tanks, pistols and all kinds of weapons. There are several multiplayer shooting games as well, so just browse through our collection and find your favorite one.

Bullet refers to various types of projectiles that can be fired; in a narrower sense, it is a weapons engineering term for a solid body that is fired from a long-range weapon and travels along a projectile trajectory without its own energy or control. That is, anything launched into the air by something else can be called a projectile. A projectile has no propulsion of its own, it needs an ejector, or a launcher, which it then leaves on a ballistic trajectory.

In our great collection of the best bullet games you can shoot projectiles, such as grenades, play with bows and arrows, handle a slingshot or shoot cannons through fireworks. Everything that is movable can become a projectile here, so be careful that you don't become a target yourself, otherwise it can end badly for you. Are you ready? Have fun with our huge collection of the best bullet games, online and free on Silvergames.com!

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