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What are Trap Games?

Trap Games are fun puzzle, platform, torture and reaction games in which you will be trapped and need to escape. Have you ever been stuck in an elevator with no idea how to get out of there? You can also turn the tables and try to stop others from escaping by blocking them. No matter which side you want to play on, if you want to succeed in this fun category of the best Trap Games, you need to be a master of understanding the concept of escaping. 

Start with Short Life, a bizarre and funny ragdoll running and jumping game. What’s your goal? Just don’t die. You are trapped in an incredibly dangerous world while everything and everbody around you want you to die. Can you survive? If you prefer watching other people being trapped, try Torturomatic, which sets you in control of the ultimate torture machine. Use acid, chainsaws, spikes, gattling guns and many more tools to cause as much pain to the stickman as possible. Use arrow keys to determine the best path through the torture chamber. 

The ultimate Trap Game is probably Saw 4: Trapped, a horror shocker point and click puzzle game. Two guys were captured in a dark cellar by the evil kidnapper. It's up to you to free them both before they die. Find useful items and combine those in the right order and room to achieve your rescue mission. There are more awesome Trap Games, like The N Game, Circle The Cat, Block The Pig and many more. Are you ready yet? Have fun with our great compilation of the best Trap Games, online and for free on!

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