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Tree Games are funny idle clicker, garden maintanance, reaction, growing and puzzle games in which you will be surrounded by beautiful green trees and lots of nature. If you love fresh air and nature but are too lazy to get up and go outside, these cool Tree Games are exactly what you are looking for. Fell a tree, cut hedges, decorate your christmas tree, or water your plants to make them grow faster and faster. Just browse through our great collection of the best Tree Games on and have fun.

Start with Timberman, a funny arcade style one-button reaction game known from App Store and Google Play. Your job is simple: Chop wood and avoid the branches! Start chopping by using your mouse or your finger and try to chop as many as possible without being hit by a tree branch. Another fun one is Idle Lumberjack 3D, a fun addicting idle game in which you control a badass lumberjack whose only purpose in life seems to be eliminating each and every tree on his way. Take on the role of this hard working guy and use your axe to cut through all the trees in order to earn money.

If you like to have your own little garden but one in reality seems too much work, then get one in the virtual world! Play Garden Flipper, a fascinating first person garden maintenance simulator. How can something be relaxing and exhausting at the same time? Luckily for you, today you can scratch the exhausting part from this wonderful job and spend some time taking care of a beautiful, yet sort of messy garden. There are more fun Tree Games like Chop-Chop, Idle Tree, Factory Balls - Christmas edition and many more. Have fun!

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