Wood Games

What are Wood Games?

Wood Games are down to earth puzzle, woodworking, axe throwing and idle clicking games that circle around the wonderful material made by nature and you can enjoy them online and for free on Silvergames.com. Are you a real nature girl or boy and love to spend most of your time out in the nature with God's creations? Then this category is definitely the right one for you, because you will have to get your hands dirty in our best Wood Games.

Here you can carve wood into all sorts of figures and impress your friends with your skills. Grab a knife and start working on the wood according to your ideas and let your creativity run wild. If you're less the creative type, you can also bluntly chop wood in one of our Idle Clicker games and succeed in the game through perseverance. How many blocks of wood can you chop?

Whether it's chestnut, oak, beech or spruce, you'll find all types of wood here and can play exciting games with them. So just browse through our great compilation and play the best wood games, as always online and for free on Silvergames.com, have fun!

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