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Whack Games are awesome destruction and anger management games that are perfect for you, if you want to let off some steam. Are you annoyed by your boss? Did your partner just break up with you? Is it simply bad weather? You don't need a reason to be angry, just deal with it and whack some objects in this fun category, so you can go on with your live all relaxed and happy. Browse through our fun collection and play some of the best Whack Games online and for free on Silvergames.com.

Look through our fun collection and play some of the best Whack games online for free on Silvergames.com. Do you feel like committing your breakup with cartoonish brutality and over-the-top cruelty? Then play one from the popular Whack game series, selecting objects and watching how and who gets to beat up who in a cruel and violent way. It doesn't matter if it's your boss, your ex or a burglar - everyone gets some here.

Isn't it perfect that you can vent your anger in the virtual world and thus spare your fellow human beings with your bad mood and aggressive behavior? Sometimes you're just in a bad mood and it helps to vent online. A few black eyes here and a few broken nose bones there - and your mood will be excellent again. Are you ready? Have fun with our collection of the best Whack Games, as always online and free on Silvergames.com!

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