Snakes 3D

Snakes 3D

Rating: 5.0
Rating: 5.0 (16 Votes)

  Rating: 5.0 (16 Votes)
[] is an online multiplayer game inspired by the classic Snake game, but with a unique electric twist. In this .io game, players control a glowing line of electricity competing against other Powerlines in a closed arena. Your primary goal is to grow longer and stronger by collecting energy crystals, which can be obtained by destroying rival Powerlines. Navigating through the arena as a single line of electricity has its own set of challenges. Just like in the traditional Snake game, colliding head-first with yourself, other players, or the arena border will result in death. To eliminate other players and harvest their energy crystals, you'll need to encircle or trap them, forcing them to run into you. Upon their destruction, you can collect their leftover energy to grow in size and increase your score.

The game adds another layer of strategy through its unique boosting mechanism. When you get close to another Powerline, you receive a surge of electricity that allows you to speed up. The closer you are and the longer you maintain the proximity, the faster the boost. Skillful use of this boost can give you a significant advantage in trapping opponents or evading them.

Rising to the top of the leaderboard crowns you as the "Electricity King," marking you as a prime target for others looking to dethrone you and consume your amassed energy. Being at the top is rewarding but also comes with the challenge of fending off aggressive competitors. offers a fast-paced, competitive environment that blends the simplicity of Snake with multiplayer action and unique gameplay mechanics. The game is engaging, challenging, and highly addictive, providing endless opportunities for strategy and rivalry. Much fun playing online and for free on!

Controls: WASD = move

Gameplay Battle

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