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What are Wind Games?

Wind Games are mind-blowing destruction and multiplayer IO games, in which everything revolves around the fast air movement. In meteorology, wind is described as a directional, stronger air movement in the Earth's atmosphere. Travelling wind, for example, is not actually wind, strictly speaking. If there is a wind in closed rooms, e.g. by a chimney or an air conditioner, it is called draught.

Winds between 2 and 5 Beaufort (Bft) are called a breeze, if it is between 6 and 8 Bft, it can be called a strong, stiff or gale wind. From 9 Bft, it is called a storm and as soon as it exceeds 12 Bft, it is a hurricane. You can take advantage of these hurricanes in our collection of the best wind games.

As a hurricane, you can blow through a big city with full force and cause as much destruction and chaos as possible. Play with other games from all over the world and find out who can develop the strongest hurricane. Collect points and increase your destructive power to become the most powerful hurricane of them all. Have fun playing our wind games, as always online and free on!

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