Give Up, Robot

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Give Up, Robot

Give Up Robot is a fun platform game about a skilled robot with a grappling hook. Are you ready for a psychedelic run and jump experience like no other? Try out Give Up Robot, a bright and colorful puzzle platform game by Matt Thorson. Guide your bouncing robot through disco-themed levels and avoid dangerous traps. Time your moves and jumps carefully to avoid falling off the screen. Use your grappling hook to swing from the ceiling or any platform promising support.

As you progress you will encounter new objects both dangerous and helpful. Rotating sawblades let you gain momentum as you stick to them with your grappling hook. But get too close, and it's bye-bye robot. Some platforms tremble and then fall off the screen. Others are so toxic, you can't even touch them without blowing up your robot. Luckily you are equipped with an endless supply of them, so you can keep trying to finish the level. Enjoy Give Up Robot, a free online game on! Don't give up!

Controls: Left/Right = Movement, Up/X = Jump, A/Z = Grapple Hook

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