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Swinging Games are action games in which the player swings from platform to platform with a rope. Be the daredevil Spider-Man and swing from building to building while fighting your enemies. Control a cute rag doll or a sporty stick figure and use the rope like a monkey on a vine. Make a ball swing on a string and kick other balls off the field.

But here not only superheroes swing, but also ordinary stick figures or small children. Anyone who can hold on to a rope will have great fun in these games. We have a great online collection of free swinging games for you, such as the addictive online games Hanger, Stickman Rope Swing, Spider-Man and many others. Have fun with the best rope swinging games online for free at Silvergames.com.

Are you still running or already swinging? Grab a rope, tie it to the opposite house facade and swing your way through the big city. Are you more of a nature fan? Then hold onto a vine and feel like Tarzan as you swing from one tree to the next. Start right now and have fun with our swinging games, online and free on Silvergames.com!

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