Rope Swinging Games

How cool is that to be able to swing on the web over the rooftops in the big city like Spiderman or swing on the liana in the jungle like Tarzan. Who wouldn't like to try? That is why we created this online collection of the coolest Rope Swing Games in the world, here on!

Rope swinging is the popular way of extreme entertainment in which people are swinging on the rope, cord or liana over the cliff or water. If you put a seat between two ropes, it becomes a just a regular swing you can find at every playground for children but also at circuses, where acrobats use them to perform stunts. The seat of the may be suspended from chains or ropes. But if you are too old for regular swings, try to swing your way to the exit in every level in our amazing rope swing games.

So what are you waiting for? Choose one of these cool online stickman and ragdoll rope swinging games and start swinging over the skyscrapers and cliffs playing a role of a brave stickman ninja or a hanger ragdoll. Such free games as Spidey Swing, Lava Swing and Fly with Rope are waiting for you in this game category. Have fun!

The Most Played Rope Swinging Games