Madness Off Color

Rating: 4.2

(78 votes)

Madness Off Color

Madness Off Color is a cool 2D platform fighting game with a badass character who entered a horrible place packed with evil attackers. A portal to a weird place was opened, and somehow you ended up crossing it. Now, all you want to do is to get back home, but you will have to kick an incredible amount of butts on your way.

Use all kinds of weapons you may find laying on the floor or just punch the crap out of your enemies. Use your blocking object to protect yourself and bounce bullets back to your opponents. Try to kill everyone on your way and defeat bosses to keep advancing. Have fun playing Madness Off Color, a free online game on!

Controls: AD = move, W = jump / double jump, S = block, Mouse = aim / attack / grab and throw weapon


Madness Off Color: MenuMadness Off Color: Gameplay FightingMadness Off Color: Gameplay Fighting BattleMadness Off Color: Battle Shooting Gameplay

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