Metro 2033 Random Battles

Rating: 4.2

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Metro 2033 Random Battles

Metro 2033 Random Battles is another violent Madness game, in which you have to kill to survive. Grab a weapon, pull the trigger and shoot targets along the way. Get as close as you can to finish wound enemies with your bare hands. Pick up new weapons from the wounded with F and use them to eliminate your enemies. You can move around with A and D and reload with R.

There is only rule to this shooting madness: show no mercy and shoot everybody down crossing your way. This game is as easy as it is addictive so start right away and make sure you are the only one left on the battlefield after war is over. Are you ready? Much fun with Metro 2033 Random Battles, online and for free on!

Controls: Arrows / ASD = Move / Cover / Crouch, Mouse = Aim / Shoot, F = Use Weapon


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