Call of Duty Games

Lock and load! It's time to shoot your way through some of most challenging and exciting Call of Duty Games of all time!. Here at we've put together a collection of free games based on the famous Call of Duty series for you to enjoy some thrilling shooter action!

The Call of Duty series is a long-running gaming series, spanning numerous entries over multiple consoles (including Windoes, Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo consoles) with a number of spinoffs and sequels. Originally set in World War II, players would shoot Nazis as soldiers of the allied forces. As multiplayer matches gained in popularity and the series became renowed for its high level of action, several sequels and spin-offs were made: Modern Warfare, Black Ops and Ghosts. Later entries in the series were set in modern or even futuristic times. It has become a synonym for first person shooter games all over the world and still attracts loyal fans in the millions.

So get ready to shoot some guns at people, with these fantastic takes on Call of Duty Games. Keep your head down and your weapon ready. Conserve your ammo, and aim to kill. But above all have fun!

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Call of Duty Games

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